Infocity Projects started as a small construction firm in Hyderbad, aiming to help home buyers to make do with the new space that they acquire. It soon became obvious that it would make sense to help our clients see beyond the walls and floor plans, and be there with them from the get-go.

Currently, we offer house realtor, interior design, and architecture services in order to help our customers find their forever homes as seamlessly and painlessly as possible. We value our customers above everything else, meaning that we won't take 'OK' as an answer.


We ensure customer delight at every touch-point. Let's take you through what we are all about - our evolution, our team, our inspiration. Our vision is to provide a happy home to every Indian and create a healthy workplace. We go beyond creating real estate and change lives, with meticulous planning and quality craftmanship.


We want to live in a world where people can buy homes that match their needs, rather than having to find a compromise and settle on the second-best option. That's why we take a lot of time and care in getting to know our clients from the moment they reach out to us and ask for our help.


If you're interested in hearing more about the way we work, have a business proposal, or are interested in making a purchase, we'd love to hear from you.